April 17, 2023

Why Are We Called Paradigm Junction?

Choosing a name is one of the first challenges a new company faces and the advice is always the same: don’t get bogged down just pick something and get to work. Thankfully, the new suite of Generative AI tools made choosing much quicker and prevented us from getting obsessed over a word or an idea that someone else was already using. Here is how we went about it: 

  1. We told ChatGPT what we were building. What types of problems we want to work on and how we believe we can help organisations. 
  2. We asked ChatGPT to suggest fifty possible names. 
  3. Having chosen the three that sounded most promising (some of the options were really very silly) we asked for 20 more “like these”, checked for other companies using similar names and looked whether the domain was available to buy. 

All done, in under an hour, leaving more time to focus on how to help our early customers. 

A couple of weeks after choosing our name Microsoft released Bing Chat, which, unlike ChatGPT, has an internet connection. It was able to suggest names and check with the major domain name registrars to only suggest URLs which were still available to purchase. This would have saved another manual step in the process! 

Choosing a name which quickly conveys your offering will always be a subjective choice, but brainstorming ideas for names and lots else beside is speeded up with this latest generation of AI tools. 

For what it's worth, here is how we think about our name:

  • A paradigm is the current way of doing things. It shapes how we do business but also how we measure whether something works or not. Hard drive capacity used to be a good way to evaluate laptops; now cloud storage makes this a useless metric. 
  • Making decisions within a paradigm requires certain types of analysis. Evaluating the differences between paradigms requires a different way of thinking. Is online retail cheaper than physical shops? That depends whether you think high street premises are an unavoidable cost, or a form of advertising to keep you present in shoppers minds. 
  • Technological change is forcing companies to evaluate new ways of doing things in response to capabilities that have only recently become possible: Autonomous driving, AI Generated content, decentralised organisation, deep learning recommender systems, the list goes on. 
  • At Paradigm Junction we specialise in giving you the information and tools to make these decisions. Get in touch to discuss how we could help. 

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