June 1, 2023

GenerativeML: What questions should boards in each sector be asking?

Generative ML has already shown it will be capable enough to disrupt established ways of working, jobs and entire industries. These systems are already able to produce high quality text, images and video. Production quality code, video game worlds, whole applications and even the ability to manage and execute tasks look near on the horizon. 

We have compiled a detailed list of key questions, sector by sector, that boards and management teams should be asking now, to avoid being caught out in the coming months. Whatever your industry or position there are 6 lines of questioning you should be thinking about: 

  1. Better serving customers: Access (bespoke) information, 1-to-1 support, cheaper advice for smaller problems
  2. Skills and employment: How is GenML, particularly ChatGPT, already being used? Do managers know what their teams are doing? What training is available? 
  3. Communications strategy: Personalisation, automation, cutting through a proliferation of content, countering misinformation
  4. Intellectual property: Who owns what is produced? Who owns what is shared with GenML providers? 
  5. Liability and assurance: What is the path to successful integration? How do we gain comfort with the error rates? What happens when something goes wrong? 
  6. Decentralised or centralised: Is this another SaaS product, or do we need something local? Do we fine tune for our own needs? What are the impacts for cost, latency, privacy? What will be the legislation? 

Or for a detailed look, sector-by-sector, check out the full list of questions here

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