June 2, 2023

Generative AI: Where should businesses be focusing? Impacts across sectors and functions

It is clear that Generative AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs) are going to disrupt many sectors and functions significantly. However, measuring this impact, much less prioritising scarce resources between teams clamouring for something new, remains hard.  

LLMs are so new that industry and function-specific use cases remain limited, adding to the challenge.

In this report, we summarise where the opportunities and risks are the greatest, grouping similar industries and functions to allow us to make a “best guess” extrapolation of what changes might occur

Key Questions

  1. What overall impact will LLMs have on different functions by industry type?
  2. How large is the opportunity for innovation and how much risk is there for incumbents if they don’t shift and continue with BAU ?
  3. What specific changes could we see within functions by industry type ?

The high level summary is provided below. For the full report, containing reasoning by sector and function please send us an email and we will be happy to share it.

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